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09 April 2013 @ 07:08 pm
Specific requests from Jeanette Beal, to help her case.  
Here's a note from Jeanette (read that post first if you haven't yet) about some things people can do to help.


Hi! If you'd like to help me out, I could use some of the following:

1. Contact PearsonVue, makers of the MTEL and tell them this is wrong. 800-989-8532

2. Contact Judy Sohn-White, educator policy, preparation and leadership, DESE 781-338-6600 xt. 6254. Tell her this is wrong.

3. Contact Cindy Wills, MTEL alternative testing accommodations coordinator (at PearsonVue) and tell her this is wrong. There's no direct line, but the MTEL number is 413-256-2892

4. Share this with your local media! If I can get media attention - then that means this inaccessibility gets media attention!

I"ve contacted Rep. Paul Brodeur (my ward/town representative) and Christopher Fallon. I've also sent a note to "Ask Hank" WHDH, Jim Shortsleeve, CBS Boston and WBUR. It couldn't hurt to send them a note about this as well. Increased noise = someone listens.

I'm preparing a file with the Department of Justice, after talking through this with their' ADA hotline. It's a Title II and Title III claim, for what it's worth. I'm also working with the Disability Law Center here in Boston MA.

Thank you,

UPDATE: Jeanette is now blogging updates to the situation at her own blog. Please follow and comment there. Thank you!